TuneCore Artists Close in on Milestone of One Billion Dollars in Revenue

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TuneCore today announced that its artists are approaching the groundbreaking milestone of earning $1 billion in revenue solely from downloads and streams.

“TuneCore is incredibly proud of our artists for reaching such an impactful industry milestone while keeping 100 percent of their earnings through streaming and downloads,” says Scott Ackerman, CEO at TuneCore. “We are deeply committed to helping our artists maximize their revenue, which is why we are so excited to celebrate as they approach this historic achievement. We encourage artists around the world to join the Billion Dollar Club and help reach $1 billion in artist earnings ahead of our projected date.”

TuneCore’s New Service Empowers Independent Artists

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TuneCore today announced the launch of TuneCore Direct Advance. A unique collaboration with Lyric Financial, the innovative new service offers U.S.-based TuneCore artists automated advances on their future distribution sales revenue.

With many independent artists and labels operating as small to medium-sized businesses with sometimes minimal resources, TuneCore Direct Advance is a valuable new offering that allows them to take advances on future earnings to help fund new projects and further their careers. From recording new material to purchasing new equipment to funding a tour, TuneCore Direct Advance provides a simple way for artists to access advances at their convenience, 24/7 and on their own terms.

In addition, this new advance model does not require artists to pledge ownership of their music, which is often the case with many competing services. With TuneCore Direct Advance, independent artists can have full control of their finances while still maintaining total creative control of their music.

TuneCore Announces Partnerships with Three Live Music Platforms

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The UK division of TuneCore has announced partnerships with three live music platforms which, it says, will provide self-releasing artists who utilise the digital distributor to get their music into download and streaming services with “a wide range of services to support their live music careers”.

Source: Complete Music Update