Songtradr Expands into Secure Music File-Sharing, Branded Radio Across Hundreds of Countries

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Songtradr, the fastest-growing music licensing platform in the world, is expanding its product offering to include secure music file-sharing for its 100,000+ free and paid subscribers worldwide, and branded music curation for its network of partners.

“We’re growing Songtradr to become the one destination where artists can control, manage, share and monetize their music across all verticals,” said Paul Wiltshire, founder and CEO of Songtradr.

Along with these updates, Songtradr today announced a new partnership with Mood Media, the global leader in elevating Customer Experiences and largest provider of overhead music in the world.

“By working with partners like Mood Media, we can provide our artists with significant exposure and additional revenue opportunities collected from thousands of participating retail clients,” continued Wiltshire. “We look forward to growing our network of partners across many different verticals and supplying them with cutting edge music from Songtradr’s artists.”

Songtradr Expands Footprint into UK with Milamber Ventures PLC Partnership

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¬†Songtradr¬†announced today a long-term partnership with Milamber Ventures PLC to establish essential business development and territorial expansion of Songtradr in the UK. This partnership with Milamber Ventures PLC expands Songtradr’s presence to a key market where commercial music licensing is a highly fragmented industry for European based brands, filmmakers and advertising agencies. The focus will be on sales, marketing and content acquisition.