IBM, Andrés Cepeda Introduce First ‘Cognitive Music’ Project in Latin America

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IBM and Grammy-winning Colombian singer, songwriter and producer Andrés Cepeda will partner to collaboratively compose the artist’s next single, a pioneering initiative in the region, marking the convergence of artistic talent and artificial intelligence technology.

To that end, Andrés Cepeda will make available to IBM part of his music history for IBM Watson –through technologies such as Watson Beat and Watson Tone Analyzer- to indicate the emotional tone, language and music structure that match the sentiment of his fans. The technology will help him compose a full song (music and lyrics) whose final arrangement and performance will be the responsibility of the artist.

Through this partnership, IBM Watson Beat will study big volumes of data including the lyrics and melodies of the artist’s full musical pieces, and IBM Watson Tone Analyzer will study conversations on social networks and social trends, among other sources, taking Andres Cepeda’s creativity and potential to a whole new level and integrating the highest human sensitivity with leading-edge technology to create a totally new collaboration in music. 

IBM, Sacem to Deliver New Global Online Music Copyright Management Platform

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imageIBM and Sacem announced today a 10-year strategic alliance to develop URights, a world-class copyright platform on IBM Cloud designed to track and capture the value of online music for both creators and publishers. Electronic distribution of music and advances in the streaming market have led to rapid growth in the amount of creative content being consumed around the world. Last year, Sacem tracked nearly 982.5 billion download and streaming transactions – almost twice the 2015 total.

To handle the exponential volume of music transactions online, URights the innovative rights collection and distribution services platform – co-developed by Sacem and IBM – will help to more effectively identify online rights.  The platform will allow Sacem to provide additional value to rights owners with increased data analysis allowing more transparency and a more efficient identification of online works to help ensure they are compensated fairly. In 2015, Sacem distributed royalties to 293,000 creators and publishers in France and around the world, to credit two million works.

URights is open by design to allow other partners to integrate, such as other collective management organizations across the world, ensuring to save cost duplications and enhanced data-driven decision making. It will also provide customized services tailored to the specific nature of their local markets.

IBM Cloud Video to Power Global Online Music Festival

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download1IBM today announced that Roland Corporation has selected IBM Cloud Video’s Ustream platform to live stream the musical instrument company’s historic, 24 hour international music festival and product launch.

Beginning on September 9 at 4:00pm UTC, the showcase event will span major cities like Tokyo, London, Los Angeles, and Paris, and feature live musical performances and more than 30 product launches, leveraging IBM Cloud Video’s Ustream platform.

As a long-time client of IBM, Roland will expand its use of Ustream’s Pro Broadcasting service to broadcast from eight international cities throughout the 24-hour period. Having used Pro Broadcasting to create a regular cadence of live streamed product reviews and artist interviews, “The Future. Redefined.” brings an unprecedented level of scale to the viewing experience by tapping into a multi-CDN infrastructure with Ustream’s SD-CDN (Software Defined CDN) technology that has been used to serve live content globally to more than one million concurrent viewers on a single stream.