Digimarc Highlights How Watermarking Can Improve Rights, Royalty Management for the Music Industry

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Digimarc today released a white paper titled, “Watermarking Technology and Blockchains in the Music Industry,” outlining how blockchain technology, when coupled with digital audio watermarks such as Digimarc Barcode, can help overcome many of the current challenges in rights management and royalty transaction processing in the digital music industry. The combination of technologies can help ensure that artists, content creators and rights holders can be compensated appropriately for their work.

Long-time expert on digital rights and content management technologies, Bill Rosenblatt, authored the paper.

No other business is feeling the pain of copyright issues and royalty accounting challenges quite like the music industry. Recent studies have estimated that between 20-50% of royalties owed by digital music services to rights holders are not paid out correctly, amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars in misallocated or unpaid revenue worldwide. The most fundamental problem in countering this revenue loss has been the lack of authoritative, accessible sources of data about music copyright information, including owners of rights and license terms.

Avex, NetEase Cloud Music to Deliver Copyright-protected Japanese Music to Chinese Audiences

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image Japan’s biggest music entertainment firm, Avex Group, and leading Chinese digital music platform, NetEase Cloud Music, announced the signing of an agreement forming a strategic partnership that grants the Chinese platform an exclusive license to Japanese music copyrights in mainland China. Both parties have said that they are committed to the introduction and promotion of a legal framework for the protection of the copyright of Japanese music in the mainland China market.

With the signing of the agreement, Avex has granted NetEase Cloud Music the exclusive license in mainland China to the copyright of the entire inventory of songs of artists that have signed with Avex, placing NetEase Cloud Music in the position of being the platform with the largest collection of Japanese music with proper copyright protection in mainland China. At the same time, the Chinese platform will become the exclusive management agent for the copyrights of these songs in mainland China, in terms of promotion, sales and distribution of the music as well as administration of the copyright, in a move to help Avex expand in the market.

IBM, Sacem to Deliver New Global Online Music Copyright Management Platform

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imageIBM and Sacem announced today a 10-year strategic alliance to develop URights, a world-class copyright platform on IBM Cloud designed to track and capture the value of online music for both creators and publishers. Electronic distribution of music and advances in the streaming market have led to rapid growth in the amount of creative content being consumed around the world. Last year, Sacem tracked nearly 982.5 billion download and streaming transactions – almost twice the 2015 total.

To handle the exponential volume of music transactions online, URights the innovative rights collection and distribution services platform – co-developed by Sacem and IBM – will help to more effectively identify online rights.  The platform will allow Sacem to provide additional value to rights owners with increased data analysis allowing more transparency and a more efficient identification of online works to help ensure they are compensated fairly. In 2015, Sacem distributed royalties to 293,000 creators and publishers in France and around the world, to credit two million works.

URights is open by design to allow other partners to integrate, such as other collective management organizations across the world, ensuring to save cost duplications and enhanced data-driven decision making. It will also provide customized services tailored to the specific nature of their local markets.

The Music Industry’s New War Is About So Much More Than Copyright

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While global music consumption is at an all-time high—and YouTube is the number one source of music streams, boasting more listeners than Spotify and Apple Music combined—only a small amount of the revenue generated by that consumption is passed along to artists and musicians, according to the letter.  The artists’ share is allegedly dwarfed by the “huge profits” earned by the platform. According to the Recording Industry Association of America, YouTube saw a more than 100% increase in the number of video plays last year, while revenue sent to U.S. artists only saw a 17% increase.

Source: Fast Company

Steal This Riff: How To Fix Copyright Law And Set Musicians Free

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The U.S. copyright system is hopelessly broken. It’s an outdated regime, completely unequipped to deal with the realities of a modern world where cheap audiovisual software has made remix artists out of everyone from grade school kids to multiplatinum pop stars.

This used to be a controversial opinion, one you’d usually only hear coming from techno-libertarian bloggers and hard-core hip-hop heads — but as remix culture has crept from the margins into the mainstream, so has the idea of updating our copyright laws to make room for these new types of expression.

Source: MTV

Europe and Copyright: A Comprehensive Look at the Continent’s Digital Plans

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“Today, we lay the groundwork for Europe’s digital future,” declared European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker at the May 2015 unveiling of long-mooted plans to create a Digital Single Market (DSM).

At the heart of the scheme is a desire to enable the free movement of digital goods, services and capital throughout Europe — effectively transforming the 28 member countries of the European Union (EU), including the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Sweden, Spain and the Netherlands, into one united, borderless entity with standardized business practices and online regulations.

Source: Billboard