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Issue #476: Spotify’s Playlist for Global Domination; Pandora’s Podcast Genome Project Coming Soon; SoundCloud on the Blockchain?

Spotify’s playlist for global domination — How CEO Daniel Ek plans to beat Apple, Amazon, and Google at the music game. Pandora’s podcast genome project could launch by the end of the year — Pandora, the streaming music company, has a new focus… Read More

Issue #427: Blockchain Aims to Be Biggest Stage for Empowering Music Artists; Apple Music Launches Global Publishing Business to Attract Songwriters

Blockchain Aims To Be The Biggest Stage For Empowering Music Artists — In the music industry, blockchain can change how artists connect with fans. But, how can blockchain-based tokenization can help Indie-artists artists unlock new financing opportunities and strengthen bonds with their biggest, most… Read More

Issue #407: JAAK Moves Ahead with Blockchain Pilot; Pirate Radio Stations Explode on YouTube; Will Spotify Ever Make Money?

JAAK Moves Ahead with Blockchain Pilot, Joined by BMG, GMR, Warner — London-based tech start-up JAAK has announced a successful pilot of its blockchain network, KORD. Pilot participants include BMG, Global Music Rights, Outdustry, Phoenix Music International Ltd, Sentric, Warner Music Group and Warner/Chappell… Read More