Musical Apps Are Finding Their Way To Traditional TV

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Streaming music is on the rise, and traditional TV is on the decline (at least in some regards), so can the former save the latter? A number of networks are looking to some of the biggest brands in music to help launch new series that may give them all a much-needed smash and bring in the eyeballs they so desperately crave.

Earlier this week, iHeartRadio and Fox announced that they had come together to produce The Four: Battle For Stardom, a new musical reality show that aims to, as so many others have before it, uncover the next great talent just waiting to break out and dominate the airwaves.

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Streaming Independence: New Apps Look to Draw Listeners Toward Music Far Below the Radar

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The globally beloved Game of Thrones is a series focused on the ever-shifting power and politics of a small number of queenly and kingly people. Through birthright or attrition they oversee a vast population of indigent subjects whom they never really concern themselves with (outside of worrying over the violence those subjects could inflict on them en masse).

The audience never hears from these subjects or their lives. They impact nothing of importance. They may as well not exist — in fact they don’t, outside of about three scenes. It’s a good metaphor — though far too late to board the hype train — for how the world works.Look at the front page of any streaming service and a parallel is evident — medium-to-high popularity artists, of which there’s very few, are front-loaded. Hi DJ Khaled! Hi Katy Perry! Hi The Beatles! (Wait seriously?) It’s not that independent artists aren’t in there, back behind the blackout curtain of the search bar, but they certainly aren’t visible.

This year, the 50 most-streamed songs accounted for 4.75 percent of all listening on services like Spotify, according to Nielsen Music. Now, 4.75 percent may like a small percentage, but that’s just 50 songs. Spotify has a catalog, behind that blackout curtain, with 35 million of those.

Source: Billboard

Spotify says Apple Won’t Approve a New Version of its App

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Spotify-headphonesSpotify says Apple is making it harder for the streaming music company to compete by blocking a new version of its iPhone app.

In a letter sent this week to Apple’s top lawyer, Spotify says Apple is “causing grave harm to Spotify and its customers” by rejecting an update to Spotify’s iOS app.

 The letter says Apple turned down a new version of the app while citing “business model rules” and demanded that Spotify use Apple’s billing system if “Spotify wants to use the app to acquire new customers and sell subscriptions.”

Source: Recode