Dreamchain Foundation Debuts Music Streaming Service Built on End-to-End Blockchain Platform

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The Dreamchain Foundation announced today that its combined Dreamchain/Dreamstream Testnet has successfully been deployed and is securely streaming songs through the Dreamcoin Music app. Dreamchain Testnet is capable of registering one million end-to-end digital rights management (DRM) song transactions every 24 hours. Music industry participants can learn more by visiting www.GetOntheChain.org.

“We envision a world that is united and healed through the collaboration, proliferation and consumption of independent creative works,” said Mike Rubin, Founder of the Dreamchain Foundation. “By utilizing the blockchain’s immutable ledger and decentralized consensus ability combined with cryptocurrency’s ability to create new economic models, we can finally remove powerful authorities that for too long have either censored creativity or controlled the economic returns for creators, preventing many artists from realizing their dreams.”

Music Audience Exchange Unveils MAX Artist Matching Engine

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Music Audience Exchange today unveiled its MAX Artist Matching Engine, the result of a three year project from a team of engineers and data scientists. The Artist Matching Engine is powered by a novel data model that uses neural networks to map music tastes onto the demographic, psychographic, geographic, and behavioral attributes of music audiences.

Driven by a wealth of first party and aggregated data, this system combines a proprietary genre taxonomy with analysis of streaming, social media and live show data to gain insight into the fan bases of over 1.8 million artists worldwide. Brands are now using these insights to reach millions of music fans through immersive music programs.

Tracklib Debuts, Enables Music Creators to Discover, Sample, License Original Recordings

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Today marks the global launch of Tracklib, the world’s first and only music service that enables music creators to discover, sample and license original recordings.

The origin of music sampling dates back decades and has steadily gained popularity throughout the years with sample-based songs frequently sitting atop the Billboard Hot 100 charts and out-performing the songs they’ve sampled. In many cases the samples are not legally cleared, often leading to major lawsuits like the infamous Robin Thicke/ Pharrell “Blurred Lines” dispute. This can be attributed to the complicated, slow and expensive process of legally sampling a piece of music.

Tracklib has simplified the process of sampling music and now for the first time in music history, music can be licensed legally and affordably in minutes – directly on Tracklib.com.

Dubset Forms Strategic Relationship with HFA’s Rumblefish to Unlock Royalties for DJ Mixes, Remixes

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Dubset Media announced today its strategic relationship with HFA’s Rumblefish, the best-in-class music licensing and administration company, that will, for the first time, enable the registration and tracking of mechanical royalties for DJ mixes and remixes. The arrangement enables a turnkey royalty payment system between the music publishers that license DJ mixes and the digital music services that generate royalties for their use of this content through the use of Rumblefish’s infrastructure.

Rightsify Provides a New Way for Businesses to License and Play Music

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Rightsify is providing a new way for businesses to license and play music. Rightsify helps businesses save money on music while providing them with custom and expertly designed playlists for their brand, all while ensuring that artists get paid every time their music is played.

Traditionally, the way businesses license music has come from collection societies/performing rights organizations (PROs) or background music service providers. Rightsify is simplifying this by providing businesses with a one-stop license and expertly curated music service so they can save money and be sure that they don’t have to pay any additional third-parties.

The Agony and Ecstasy of Building an Online Music Business

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The music industry is booming for the first time in nearly two decades, entirely because of streaming. In 2016 the music industry’s revenues hit $115.7 billion and are projected to keep rising, in large part because of the 100 million people globally paying for a subscription service. The internet has come full circle and is now the music industry’s silver bullet.

So why is it so damn hard to build a successful online music business?

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Songtradr Expands Footprint into UK with Milamber Ventures PLC Partnership

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 Songtradr announced today a long-term partnership with Milamber Ventures PLC to establish essential business development and territorial expansion of Songtradr in the UK. This partnership with Milamber Ventures PLC expands Songtradr’s presence to a key market where commercial music licensing is a highly fragmented industry for European based brands, filmmakers and advertising agencies. The focus will be on sales, marketing and content acquisition.