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Issue 576: Blockchain and the Future of Music Distribution; Deezer Targets More Growth with Local Focus

Blockchain and the Future of Music Distribution — The Volareo smart speaker supports open source to integrate with blockchain streaming platforms that brings freedom and fairness to the music industry. Sony Introduces All New “360 Reality Audio” Music Experience — Sony announced an… Read More

Issue #476: Spotify’s Playlist for Global Domination; Pandora’s Podcast Genome Project Coming Soon; SoundCloud on the Blockchain?

Spotify’s playlist for global domination — How CEO Daniel Ek plans to beat Apple, Amazon, and Google at the music game. Pandora’s podcast genome project could launch by the end of the year — Pandora, the streaming music company, has a new focus… Read More

Issue #427: Blockchain Aims to Be Biggest Stage for Empowering Music Artists; Apple Music Launches Global Publishing Business to Attract Songwriters

Blockchain Aims To Be The Biggest Stage For Empowering Music Artists — In the music industry, blockchain can change how artists connect with fans. But, how can blockchain-based tokenization can help Indie-artists artists unlock new financing opportunities and strengthen bonds with their biggest, most… Read More