Platform & Stream is a project about music streaming. Or, more specifically, the business of music streaming.

The website and daily digest e-newsletter are designed to curate the most interesting news and ideas at the intersection of music, streaming platforms, and innovation.

I’m passionate about music. Music has played a major part in my life for as long as I can remember.

Music streaming has helped tremendously in how I consume and enjoy music; the ability to listen to all the many artists I love – covering jazz, rock, pop, country, soul, americana, and r&b – while discovering new music that I either missed the first time around, or is just now being released.

To quickly shift from Sarah Vaughn to Waylon Jennings to Roxy Music to INXS to Robert Palmer to Genesis to Hank Mobley to Elvis Costello to Prince to James Brown to Neko Case to Tom Waits in one session on my favored music streaming platform is quite a terrific experience.

The access to so much music is thrilling, overwhelming… truly amazing.

This love of music, with my interest in technology and digital media, has led me to start Platform & Stream.

I’ll be focusing on topics such as technology, data, copyright, monetization, and distribution, as well as spotlighting the people, platforms, and ideas that are shaping the future of the music streaming industry.

Oh yeah, and there’s also the folks who actually play the music! I’ll keep an eye on how the artists are dealing with the new world of music streaming.

And suggestions? They’re always welcome. Fire them at me at the_hyatt@yahoo.com.

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– Jeff Hyatt

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