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SiriusXM Selects Headliner Video to Support Social Media Production

Headliner Video announced that they have signed SiriusXM as an enterprise customer. The enterprise deal allows SiriusXM and Pandora employees to quickly repurpose audio content into social video within minutes. SiriusXM has been using Headliner for more than a year to help produce thousands of videos for their social channels.

“SiriusXM is the world’s largest audio entertainment company, and signing them to our enterprise tier is a great accomplishment for us. Headliner is less than a year and a half old, and we are happy to have companies like SiriusXM validating the value of our platform by signing an enterprise deal. With social media users approaching 3 billion worldwide, all content creators need to think about how to best tap into that audience. SiriusXM’s social channels are great examples of how audio producers can leverage social for increased reach on the Internet. We are proud to have built the solution that helps make that possible. Discovery is one of audio’s biggest issues, and we are happy to have solved it on social media” said Neil Mody, CEO at Headliner.

Headliner allows anyone promoting an audio clip to layer in captions, various styles of a moving waveform, animations, text, images, transitions and effects to create a social ready video in a matter of minutes. Audio promoters can also add in their show or company logo, intro and outro videos, and create templates to match their brand’s look and feel.

Headliner has grown to over 75,000 users generating thousands of videos a day. Headliner’s users include audio producers from every major US radio station, tens of thousands of podcasters, and all the leading audiobook publishers.

“Social Media often relies heavily on visuals to keep users engaged. We’re here to make audio more social media friendly, and we have only begun, there is a lot more coming,” said Neil Mody, CEO of Headliner Video.

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