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VNUE Releases iOS Update For Its Instant Concert Music Distribution Platform

VNUE today announced that the company had released an updated version of its “instant live” concert distribution app to the Apple App Store. allows fans to instantly download exclusive audio content from live shows to their mobile devices which have been recorded by VNUE, including its licensee DiscLive, or by artists who utilize the Studio app to make their content available on the platform. This audio may then be played via the app on the mobile device, or it may be added into the user’s library.

“It has taken quite a while for this update,” said Zach Bair, CEO of VNUE, “but the app was several iOS versions behind, so it was quite a bit of work. The app is now fully compliant with iOS 12, is backward compatible to iOS 7+, and we were able to eliminate a few bugs that cropped up over time. The overall user experience should be much better and faster.”

In the fall of 2017, VNUE acquired the platform and immediately set out to start retooling it so that it could be leveraged for its major artist clients, creating yet another avenue for artists to generate much-needed revenue. The first major artist to be recorded and released on under VNUE’s purview was superstar Rob Thomas, in January of 2018, who also was recently recorded again this year. Other artists who have been recorded and distributed on the platform in the last 12 months include Paul Rodgers of Bad Company, King’s X, The White Buffalo, Ryan Cabrera, Marc Cohn, Scott Stapp, Patty Smyth, and more.

According to Bair, the goal now will be adding enhancements to the app platform to create an even more immersive experience and rolling out features to the Studio app to allow DIY artists to experience some of the same quality utilized by VNUE’s engineers, including enhanced mastering capability and one-touch recording and splitting of tracks.

With, fans may select the concert they want to purchase, and choose to pre-order and have that content delivered to their mobile device in as little as 5 minutes after a show’s end, or purchase at any time during or after the show. Additionally, they may access the content on their computer. The app also offers some unique features, such as Facebook integration and the ability to share snippets within a geographic radius of a particular show.

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