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Music.iLuv Launches Augmented-Reality Social Musical Platform that Focuses On the Next-Generation Artists

Music.iLuv, the brainchild of powerhouse female entrepreneurs, Melody Khair and Moji Ghodousi, announces the launch of its new mobile augmented-reality social musical application that enhances kids’ learning, creativity, problem-solving skills, musicality, and real-life interactions. Usable on an iPad and iPhone, Music.iLuv is a next generation music application for future artists to create, practice and play music in a fun, engaging, collaborative, and affordable AR environment.

“Essentially, the Music.iLuv app solves the lack-of-focus problem plaguing digital-age kids when it comes to any subjects they find hard and requires a lot of practice, including music. That mindset is what leads them to drop out of music under the false assumption that they are not talented enough,” said Khair. “While 64% of kids in the U.S. do get some form of music education, there is a staggering 50% chance that they will drop out after only one to two years. Moji and I are driven to change that trend with Music.iLuv. Our goal is to foster a love for learning and appreciating music in young people everywhere that incorporates creativity and newer methodology for learning and remaining engaged.”

The Music.iLuv app is backed by research done at Harvard University and the University of Southern California on what motivates digital-age kids, how they learn and behave, and what learning processes they prefer.

“According to leading research*, musical training has the power to generate improvements in a wide variety of skills, including memory and spatial learning,” said Ghodousi. “To add to that, language skills such as verbal memory, literacy, and verbal intelligence also benefit immensely from musical training.”

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