comment 0 Integrates Top-Tier Music into SweatWorking’s On-Demand Gym Platform announced that SweatWorking’s on-demand workout platform is using its music-as-a-service product to create a user experience that feels like a boutique class session.

Well aware of the important role music plays in instructor-led classes, SweatWorking is partnering with to enrich its customers experience pairing their trendsetting workouts with amazing music.

“The right music will motivate you to work out harder, push through that last set or pulse for a second longer,” said SweatWorking CEO and co-founder Justin Cohen. “We’re excited to partner with to bring their expertly curated playlists to match our partners’ incredible on-demand programming.”

“Music is so important to The Barre Code program, it drives our movements and helps our clients get into the right mindset,” said Dana Farber, Vice President of Brand Strategy at The Barre Code. “We are thrilled that the Sweatworking and integration now allows users to stream such high-quality music on The Barre Code On-Demand.”

The US fitness industry has been a steady $80 billion market over the last four years while portable fitness apps account for only $619 million in revenue. The opportunity is crystal clear for innovative gyms and instructors to dig into this revenue divide providing members with curated, on demand workouts to maximize their membership dollar.

Members using SweatWorking’s app with music are 2.2x more likely to return to the app the following month and 2.8x more likely to return the following quarter.
96% of fitness app users use only one app on a regular basis essentially closing the door to competition once a member is hooked.

“SweatWorking is really expanding the notion of what a modern gym can be and their model makes quality digital content accessible for boutique studios and national chains alike,” said CEO and co-founder Jeff Yasuda. “We’re excited to see the continued evolution in the space and to provide the soundtrack for their growth.”

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