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Super Hi-Fi Expands Into the Retail Sector to Bring AI-Powered Streaming Music to Hotel-Casinos

Elevated Music Group, a licensed background music service provider, and Super Hi-Fi, a sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) company that delivers innovative audio solutions, today announced a partnership that will provide advanced AI-powered music solutions for Elevated’s casino and retail clients.

Understanding the importance of background music as a key element in creating the right atmosphere for retail and hospitality customers, Elevated selected Super Hi-Fi’s suite of audio solutions to seamlessly power song transitions in real time using AI to mimic the production quality of DJ-produced setlists without the intensive labor of stitching songs together.

Super Hi-Fi’s AI-powered platform will enable Elevated’s custom background music channels to have seamless and fluid song-to-song transitions in real time without having to manually produce playlists allowing the Elevated team to focus on creating curated song choices based on the retail partner. In addition to polished song transitions that preserve the vibe customized for each unique partner without jarring gaps of silence or forced transitions, Super Hi-Fi’s technology also provides sonic leveling, which automatically ensures consistent volume from song to song to prevent abrupt swings in overall sound. This enhanced listening experience sets the mood for the venue and keeps the energy flowing to ensure retail and casino customers stay engaged longer driving higher customer satisfaction.

“Many of our clients are leading hotel-casinos. If the music stops, the gaming stops. With Super Hi-Fi, Elevated Music Group can ensure that every song segues beautifully into the next, 24/7 365. We pride ourselves on quietly being the innovator in the background music space, and we’re honored to be the first in our category to use Super Hi-Fi to further elevate our business,” said Andy Schuon, founder of Elevated Music Group.

“Super Hi-Fi’s AI platform enables Elevated’s hospitality, restaurant and retail clients to have smooth and seamless music listening to maximize the customer experience and keep them focused on the fun,” said Zack Zalon, founding partner of Super Hi-Fi. “Having high-quality production value in experiential spaces, such as casinos, is paramount to customers’ experiences and engagement. This is a first step to providing true retail audio innovation for partners.”

After launching its suite of next-generation audio tools in August with iHeartRadio as its first partner offering AI-powered solutions to their subscribers, Super Hi-Fi continued to innovate to offer streaming music services audio news headlines from the Associated Press embedded into their custom playlists using AI-powered text-to-voice. The partnership with Elevated Music Group marks Super Hi-Fi’s expansion into retail and hospitality powering streaming music services through the use of cutting-edge technology that improves the listening experience for consumers and reduces labor-intensive production time for the company. This collaboration also allows Elevated Music Group to offer its clients the ability to embed liners, promotions and advertising messages into their music offerings to drive consumer awareness and engagement with the same precision as a human-produced segment.

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