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Edge Music Network Announces Partnership Agreement, Launch of ‘Artist Pages’

Edge Music Network is partnering with MondoTunes, as well as launching EMN’s official “Artist Pages” – designed to deliver a compelling new way for artists and musicians to establish connections with fans, venues and labels.

With modern architecture, deep navigation capabilities, advanced search tools and user-friendly features built from the ground up – EMN’s latest advances enable users to interact, book a band, watch live performances, follow artists on their official social media channels and connect through the platform’s chat capability.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of EMN’s ‘Artist Pages’ in tandem with its partnership with MondoTunes– which allows EMN to offer artists a full 360 distribution model for Mp4 as well as Mp3 music videos,” says CEO Elizabeth Vargas, the industry veteran and powerhouse who founded EMN in 2001. “EMN is on a path to revolutionizing one of the world’s most valuable industries with a goal to unleash the universal and transformative power of music.”

The evolution of EMN includes live streaming for artists as well as capabilities for aspiring pop, hip-hop, rock, alternative, country and all other genres of artists to upload their own music content based on genre and via an exclusive page. The platform’s artists are able to extend their reach to a broader audience—building their brand and reaching new fans while offering lucrative monetization opportunities.

“Our partnership with EMN will provide more than 50,000 artists and labels a new platform to upload their music video content as well as utilize MondoTunes to upload unlimited amounts of songs onto more than 600 retailers across 140 countries,” said MondoTunes founder and CEO, Mershad Javan. “I have had the pleasure to watch EMN grow to one of the largest digital Mp4 music distribution channels out there and I am thrilled to be partnered with such a dynamic platform.”

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