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Pandora Partners With Linkfire as the Premier Streaming Music Data Provider

Pandora today announced a partnership with leading smart link aggregator, Linkfire, to make discovering music easier for fans, while amplifying marketing efforts for labels and artists. Pandora is the first music streaming service to provide Linkfire with advanced attribution data to help artists understand how their content is performing in order to create informed promotional campaigns to effectively reach their audience.

“We have always been committed to helping artists find their fans and connect with Pandora’s massive listener base,” said Chris Phillips, Chief Product Officer, Pandora. “Our integration with Linkfire provides the industry with unprecedented ways to understand music streaming consumption and makes direct-to-fan marketing more impactful than ever.”

The Linkfire partnership further demonstrates how Pandora invests in helping artists connect with their fans at scale. The company introduced AMP in late 2014, Artist Audio Messages in early 2015 and AMPCast in early 2016. Pandora also acquired Next Big Sound to help artists quantify the value of other channels including YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. To date, nearly 14,000 artists are using AMP to make critical career decisions and more than 22,000 Artist Audio Messages have been published, delivering over 1.6 billion impressions.

The Pandora integration will now offer artists:

The ability to search Pandora’s catalog and retrieve direct links to their songs, albums and playlists.
Pre-release campaign planning that aggregates private links to content in advance of it going live.
Data to help understand how listeners are interacting with their content while in Pandora – such as whether they played, saved or shared the song, album or playlist – so artists can optimize their campaigns and maximize audience engagement.

“The paradigm shift from downloads to streaming has often left artists and labels in the dark when measuring the effectiveness of their marketing activities,” said Andrea Arcari, Chief Business Development Officer, Linkfire. “We’re excited and proud to pioneer this new level of transparency with an innovative company like Pandora. It’s an industry game-changer and an essential component to building strong relationships between artists, labels and music services.”

“Pandora’s attribution data is invaluable for Capitol Music Group as we continue to innovate and invest in conversion-driven marketing. The company’s commitment to working more closely with the labels will better optimize digital campaigns and maximize results for artists, and we are glad to have played a driving role in this development. This partnership with Linkfire is a big step forward for the industry,” said Nicholas Osborne, Senior Director of Digital Strategy, Capitol Music Group.


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