Podcast-Focused Media Company Rocket Radio Music Network Announces New Website Launch

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From the production and promotion companies behind Emmy Award-winning TV shows Gotham and Mad Men comes a brand new podcast-focused media startup called Rocket Radio Music Network. In a market where big names dominate the airwaves, Rocket Radio will act as the first stop in both music discovery and music-related news.

A 2017 report conducted by Edison Research found that 67 million Americans are monthly podcast listeners — in the United States alone. Rocket Radio will host five separate channels: Rocket Rising, Rocket Outlaw, Country Rising, Rocket News and Rocket Urban. Each channel is hosted by established industry luminaries, features exclusive interviews with artists and presents several selected songs.

The five different podcast offerings on the Rocket Radio site will include:

Rocket Rising – A spotlight for artists on the rise from around the world across multiple genres.
Country Rising – The next generation of country music stars on the rise.
Rocket Outlaw – Where rock and rowdy come together.
Rocket Urban – The latest sounds in hip-hop and R&B.
Rocket News – Daily news articles and weekly podcast updates covering the latest in music industry-related news.

Rocket Radio’s approach to media is the result of an evolved digital landscape and a rapidly growing podcast industry. Eighty-six percent of podcast listeners finish most or all of every podcast episode they hear (Nielsen report). Rocket Radio’s unique programming will provide featured artists a greater chance to share more of their music to larger audiences.

“We aim to give our listeners the new sounds they’d find if they had the time,” says CEO and founder Salvatore Simeone.

In recent years, the music industry has relied heavily on streaming platforms to supply listeners with playlists filled with individual hit singles from new artists as a means of discovering new music — but it stops there. Rocket Radio is dedicated to not only introducing its listeners to innovative new sounds but to also provide a well-rounded story about these emerging new artists through various tracks, artists interviews, written coverage, a call-to-action to the various platforms for music purchases, tour schedules, breaking news and much more.

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