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Napster, Voxtok Join Forces to Bring a Unique Music Experience to TV

Napster and Voxtok, which recently joined the Netgem Group as its dedicated Sound Division for innovative musical entertainment in TV and audio sectors, are joining their expertise and complementary offerings to create a unique new musical experience based on multiple sources and contextualized services.

This global partnership with Napster enables Voxtok to further innovate and reinforce its two flagship products, Voxtok Music and SoundBox.

Voxtok Music enhances the listener’s music experience with its openness to all music sources (such as streaming, files, radio, and podcasts), gathering related content that includes music videos, concert streaming and ticketing, and music listening to build an entirely new experience.

SoundBox is a smart soundbar, a breakthrough product merging TV, video, and music services and content, including vinyl! Fully integrated with Voxtok Music, this compact multi-room device integrates advanced TV and video capabilities, with features such as wireless connectivity, multi-screen apps, and support for Alexa voice control. SoundBox recognizes the vinyl record you are currently playing and provides additional content and services related to the album or artist.

Napster recently integrated its music catalog and rich metadata for over 40 million titles in to the Voxtok environment, creating an enhanced experience and seamless integration of all Voxtok Music features. Service-content features are “cross-contextualized”, meaning that they are linked to other content if they share common ground, regardless of the source.

“We are pleased to work with Voxtok to bring better entertainment experiences to users with unique, easy-to-use device and music service integrations. Napster’s commitment to powering innovative music solutions on behalf of partners is further demonstrated by this new relationship,” says Bill Patrizio, CEO of Napster

“We are proud to work with Napster and share the same goal, which is to make music services better and more accessible while offering greater performance. We are pleased to share a preview of this solution with our partners and customers at CES in Las Vegas,” adds Joel Reboul, CEO and co-founder of Voxtok.

Voxtok Music is available for TVs, set-top boxes, and mobile terminals such as smartphones and tablets. Voxtok has taken great care to ensure service availability in TV environments, for both over-the-top content (OTT) and operators, making the solution flexible and capable of integrating into mixed offerings featuring TV, video, and music.

SoundBox blends very complex and advanced technologies to rival the most evolved set-top box solutions, while offering a wide range of connectivity options in a small-footprint audio casing. Voxtok has begun deploying some of its SoundBox products through its parent company, Netgem.

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