MondoTunes Launches Suite of New Services, Putting Major Label Tools in the Hands of Artists

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MondoTunes has announced a suite of new services available to all users of its platform which will give major label level tools to artist of all kinds.

Addressing needs voiced by many regular users of MondoTunes, who appreciate the reach of the platform but don’t have the creative and marketing services of their own label, MondoTunes has developed two new services:


As a companion to our already successful marketing services, we are introducing a custom biography creation service.  Artists use music to tell their story, and most of the time, don’t realize how important the written word is.  The bio is an integral part of an artist’s brand, serving as a mission statement and providing insight into the meaning behind songs. MondoTunes professional staff writers have experience in the music industry, across all genres, and know what resonates with music buying audiences. They set up a personal consultation with the artist and collaborate on the most compelling story to speak to your fans.


As a new and exciting way to reach out to the independent music industry, we are proud to announce our ‘Ambassador’ program. Just like the global networks of contacts major label’s have, we’re creating a network of independent musicians, producers, labels and managers who are out hustling on behalf of great music day and night. These ambassadors cooperate as promotional partners, getting the benefit of the network at the same time they help careers of other like minded go-getters in the industry. It’s a true community.

MondoTunes, which is owned in part by Greek billionaire Alki David’s Hologram USA Networks, is the distributor of that network’s hologram, virtual reality and premium television content to online retail stores. It already offers distribution on par with major labels, reaching more online stores than any other service:  over 600 retailers in 140 countries including China.

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