A Few Thoughts as I Publish the 200th Issue of My Daily Email

Today (7–12) I published issue #200 of my Platform & Stream daily email. That’s a lot of music streaming news I have curated since debuting the project almost a year ago.

I wasn’t sure I would be able to find enough legitimate news about music streaming to publish a daily email featuring 10–11 stories. Maybe 3-times per-week at best. But I have been pleasantly surprised to find a wealth of great news and commentary focused on the business and culture of music streaming.

I also like to pull in a variety of topics that impact the music business and streaming platforms — data, Blockchain, copyright, AI/VR, and monetization, to name a few. I believe it all blends together into a thorough look at what’s going on with music streaming from one day to the next.

I was going to publish an email newsletter one way or another, but I can say without a doubt that utilizing Revue as my publishing platform has made the endeavor nothing short of terrific.

Once I stumbled upon Revue, I knew I had the tools I needed to get going, to find out if anybody wanted to read a daily digest about music streaming. And I am happy to report that yes, there are people out there who like a daily update of the latest news and analysis focused on music streaming.

From week to week, I can appreciate just how difficult it can be to get people to sign up for an email newsletter. I am signed up to plenty, and there’s more I would like to receive; I am always interested to see how other publishers — from solo operations, to the big media gang—produce their email newsletters.

I don’t have visions of hundreds of thousands of people signing up to get daily updates on Spotify, Apple Music and Drake’s streaming #s, but it’s a real treat each and every time I get an alert that someone has taken the time to sign-up. I am appreciative for each person who takes the time to sign-up for Platform & Stream.

As the subscriber # increases it pushes me to make sure each and every daily digest contains the timeliest news and best ideas that helps to make ‘music streaming’ such an interesting topic — and activity.

I love music. It’s a passion. But I have a great interest in the technology and data that powers the music streaming platforms. Throw in the innovators and executives, plus important topics like monetization, Blockchain, rights, distribution, and the overall cultural impact of music streaming, and you have one very interesting subject to cover day in, day out.

There’s also the people actually creating and performing the music I happily stream. So it’s important I continue to track how the artists are dealing with a shifting music business landscape.
I subscribe to numerous emails. I am a big believer in the value of the newsletter. As much as I have ideas about expanding Platform & Stream, I still think it works well as a daily email — but there is hope to add new features as I move forward.

I think more original content would be a benefit to the readers of the email (and website), so I plan to explore inviting people connected to the industry to add their ideas and opinions about the state of music streaming.

I’m also open to suggestions, so feel free to drop me a line (the_hyatt@yahoo.com). In the meantime, it’s onward to the next 200 issues of the daily digest. 

A BIG THANKS to everyone who receives the newsletter and checks out the website.

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