Musicolony, New App for Streaming Music Fans, Begins Crowd Funding

Musicolony, a new social music app, helps music streaming fans listen to and share playlists with friends in real time. Currently in beta re-development, the service includes a larger vision of developing localized “colonies” based in local music scenes.

“Re-coding the site and building in new features, such as the Timbreo sound app, means we need additional funding for staff and overhead,” Cirrus Social Media CEO Doug Williams said. “We want music fans to be part of the site’s fabric because they’ll stick around and help Musicolony grow.” People who want to help crowd fund the site can find the campaign at Indiegogo.

As people change how they interact with music, Williams felt it was important to improve the streaming experience. He says, “You shouldn’t be limited in sharing a new song because your friend uses Spotify and you use Apple and the two services don’t “talk” with one another. We also feel there’s a lot of great music which never gets beyond a city or region. Friends should be able to share local music and know, who’s playing where, any given night.”

The original idea behind the app grew from hearing about people’s general disappointment with music social media. While there have been notable attempts, Williams feels no one has encompassed and focused on the whole music experience.

He says, “Some get the music, others get the social aspect. But no one brings together everything and that’s what we’re doing.”

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