SiriusXM Introduces Newest Dock and Play Radio

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SiriusXM today introduced its newest dock and play radio – the Onyx EZR – which delivers several new features at an entry-level price.

The Onyx EZR features a larger display than its predecessor, the Onyx EZ, with improved resolution and selectable background and text options that allow for better viewing in all lighting conditions.

It also offers a split screen option that enables the user to view what’s on the current channel in one pane, and simultaneously see what’s playing on their other favorite channels in the second pane. Another improvement over the Onyx EZ is the addition of TuneMix™, which allows Onyx EZR users to listen to a mix of songs from across several of their favorite channels.

The Onyx EZR delivers subscribers all of SiriusXM’s 150-plus satellite-delivered channels of world class programming, including commercial-free music from virtually every genre, plus Howard Stern, and a wide range of entertainment, news, comedy, live sports and more.

Like all of SiriusXM’s dock and play radios, it is simple to install and easily transferable between a vehicle, home, office or outside the home with available accessories.

“The SiriusXM Onyx EZR is an excellent step up in usability, featuring several new capabilities at an entry-level price,” said Joe Verbrugge, Executive Vice President, Emerging Business, SiriusXM. “We’re pleased to offer new and existing subscribers this exciting new radio, which will deliver both SiriusXM’s robust programming lineup and an excellent user experience.”

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