Makes it Debut

Blog, Music is open for business. The new platform has an impressive database of legal lyrics, a place where you can discover and share with your friends the latest lyrics from your favorite artists.

The website also has the latest music news, album reviews, and artists interviews.

MusicLyrics was created with the purpose of offering accurate information to anyone searching for it. No more useless details, no more wrongly translated lyrics. This website wants to completely revolutionize searching for lines in songs as well as presenting some meaningful additional information to fans all over the world.

Artists get their own individual pages on the website. A short biography is written about each singer featured in this category. The presentations are short but focused on essential information that fans are interested in. Song lyrics and a listing of albums are also included. The artist also gets his or her own popularity rating.

Mihai Gruia, former Akcent member, has this to say about the idea behind the project: “The songs I grew up with always had a special meaning to me, but I was always curious about the verses because English is not my native language. Even song lyrics written in languages I was familiar with were sometimes hard to follow, so this project has been one of my dreams for a while now. I am happy to see it finally ready to launch and I am sure our supporters will be pleasantly surprised by all the additional features we have in mind.”

Akcent was one of Romania’s most beloved boy bands in the past decade, with many international hits and award-winning releases!

Dedicated music enthusiasts also have the option of registering on the website, which will extend their access to some extra perks available for free.

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