Music Streaming | The Week in Review

In case you missed all the great music streaming news we featured this week, here’s our Platform & Stream Week In Review for April 10 – April 14.

Monday: The Power of the Playlist; Does the Music Industry Need a Blockchain?

Tuesday: Pandora Is Thinking Out of the Box; Why Spotify’s IPO-less IPO is a Smart Idea

Wednesday: It’s Time to End the Stigma Over Streaming Music; Why Collection Societies Want to Make Music Together

ThursdayWhen Artists Don’t Stream; Spotify + Apple Watch; Streaming to Overtake Physical Music Sales in the UK

Friday: Gene Simmons, Not Down with Streaming; Bittunes; Blockchain; NetEase; TuneCore; Deezer’s New App


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Jeff Hyatt

Jeffrey Hyatt is Editor of Platform & Stream.

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