Guardian Podcasts Launch on Spotify

The Guardian’s podcasts are now available on Spotify for the first time, offering listeners on mobile devices a new way to access its award-winning audio content.

Listeners will be able to access, download and subscribe to their favourite Guardian podcasts including Football Weekly, Politics Weekly and Chips with Everything, via the Spotify app. Access to Guardian podcasts will be available across the globe in 37 countries.

The Guardian has more than 20 active podcasts and a back catalogue of over 40, covering topics as varied as current affairs, culture, race, identity, sport, politics, science, tech, music and books.

“The Guardian has been producing award-winning podcasts for over a decade, covering a huge range of subject matters,” Jason Phipps, head of audio, Guardian News & Media, said. “We have a loyal and growing audience but are always looking for ways to reach new listeners so it’s fantastic that our podcasts are now available on Spotify for even more people to discover.”

The Guardian podcasts can be found simply by searching for ‘Guardian’ in the Spotify search bar on both iOS and Android.

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