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HEOS by Denon Partners with Mood Media to Bring Licensed Streaming Music to Businesses


Denon Electronics, a leading manufacturer of premium home and personal audio products, is partnering with Mood Media (TSX:MM) to make Mood Mix available on the HEOS wireless multi-room sound system. Moving beyond home use, HEOS now brings its popular wireless music experience to businesses with Mood’s commercially licensed streaming music service called Mood Mix. Through the HEOS app, available for iOS, Android and Fire devices, HEOS users can easily access the Mood music service.

“Our partnership with Mood Media is a clear signal that Denon is committed to making HEOS a staple in businesses across the country,” said Don Freeman, global vice president for marketing and training, D+M. “By combining the services Mood Mix provides along with the many outstanding features that make HEOS products so popular, we are giving businesses the opportunity to provide a sound rich environment to suit any brand and any need.”

Whether it’s a restaurant, retail shop, medical office or any number of business types, the wireless HEOS components make it easy to install great sounding music in any location. Business owners can easily add or move speakers as needed, without the labor costs or disruption that can sometimes accompany commercial sound system installations.

“It’s never been easier for a business owner to get great quality sound and commercially licensed music all in one package. The integration of Mood Mix in the HEOS app puts an enormous selection of properly licensed music that has been curated specifically for businesses, in the palm of your hand,” said Trey Courtney, Senior Vice President of Product and Partnership Development at Mood Media. “This combination offers an affordable, flexible way to create a customized music experience, combined with the excellent sound quality of the HEOS wireless speaker technology.”

Mood Mix gives business owners a new level of choice and control with their in-store music, allowing brands to easily program and customize their soundtracks by mixing hundreds of musical genres, artist-inspired playlists, and music organized by decades, tempo or mood. Visit the Mood Mix and HEOS site to learn more.

The HEOS and Mood Media partnership makes perfect sense. Denon brings over 13 years of development combined with over 100 years of experience as a leader in audio innovation to the design of HEOS – complete with sound quality that stands alone. Mood Media stands alone as the leader in giving business owners the control and choice they want from their music.

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