Spotify Delivers My Top Songs for 2016

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Spotify has produced a ton of curated lists for 2016 in music, but the one you really care about is your personal most played.

I listened to almost 12,000 hours, covering 583 artists, equaling 2,358 unique tracks this year.

Here’s my Top Ten:

1. “Glitter and Gold” – Everly Brothers
I went into a major Everly Brothers deep dive in 2016. I streamed and downloaded a lot of their music. It’s the chorus here that had me listening over and over. Just a terrific song that highlights their tremendous vocal talent.

2. “Help Me Out” – The Wild Feathers
I discovered the band this year. And as I do with all bands/singers I stumble upon and instantly like – I go full tilt boogie and listen to as much of the music as I can.

3. “Before You” – Sarah Vaughn (w/ Joe Williams)
I love Sarah Vaughn. I love the film Sharkey’s Machine, where this song is featured on the film soundtrack. It’s a great soundtrack, with another excellent Vaughn contribution, plus Randy Crawford’s “Street Life.” I’m surprised this wasn’t #1 considering how long I keep it on repeat.

4. “Casual Party” – Band of Horses
Longtime fan of BoH. This song just kept getting better with each listen.

5. “Leave A Light On” – The Wild Feathers
See #2

6. “I Know I’m Not Wrong” – Fleetwood Mac
A slightly different version from the original.

7. “The Next Time Around” – Little Joy
First heard this tune streaming Gary Calamar’s show on KCRW. Can I still call it the “Open Road”? Featuring Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti and Brazilian Rodrigo Amarante, the song dates back to 2008 and the group’s self-titled debut.

8. “Stoplight Kisses” – The Cactus Blossoms
If you listen to the Cactus Blossoms, you will definitely be reminded of the Everly Brothers. Their debut is stellar. The two brothers from Minneapolis produce beautiful harmonies.

9. “It’s Too Late” – Billy Paul
Besides a few of the ‘big’ radio hits, I was not too familiar with Billy Paul. Then the deep dive occurred, and I was knee-deep in Billy Paul music. This is a fantastic cover of a great song.

10. “In California” – Neko Case
Neko Case is one of my all-time favorites. This is just one of many of her songs I love.

My 2016 Top Songs

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