Ever Wondered Where Exactly Those Spotify Playlists Come From?

Data, Music, Spotify, Streaming

As a senior editor for Spotify, James Foley’s job involves listening and curating music to an audience of mostly one (at a time). His job did not exist 10 years ago.

Once internet access became commonplace and speed reliable at the turn of the century, it enabled an audience that flocked to illegal channels of poor-quality MP3 downloads via shady web-based services. People did so out of habit and convenience rather than any moral shortcoming.

The sharks got there before the legal players and it looked like the music industry had missed the boat.

Enter the technology innovators. When Spotify, the Swedish-based music streaming service came along, it answered a question that was beginning to be asked – how to serve streaming music legally with ease, speed, good design and functionality.

Read Article: Irish Times

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