Spotify Conquers Asia

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“We have seen quicker growth in the last six months than before. When we announced our 40 million subscribers we looked back on when we launched, and it took us six years to get to our first ten million subscribers, then a year to get the next ten and the last ten came on board in the last six months.

So the acceleration of music streaming adoption is here, it’s not the future, it’s the now!” says Sunita Kaur, Managing Director Spotify Asia.

Also, that Apple Music launched in June 2015, raising the bar for all players, just enhances Sunita’s statement.

“The world of music is not changing – it has already changed.”

The fact that highly reputable Apple gets involved in music streaming she thinks speaks volumes that you know you’re doing something amazing.

The future for music streaming seems bright as the numbers are pointing in the right direction. For the global music market 2015 digital overtook physical with 45%, Streaming revenues increased 45.2%, while download revenues declined 10.5%.

As for the music industry Spotify has up to now returned USD 5 billion.

“In the first six years, 3 billion dollars, in the last two years an additional two billion dollars. The more people use Spotify it’s just going to keep on growing. This is money that would have been lost to piracy,” says Sunita.

Source: ScandAsia

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