Whyd, the Music Streaming Social Network, Becomes Openwhyd and Gives Keys to the Community

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Whyd, the leading music streaming social network and curation service, today announced the company will go open source and change their name to Openwhyd. The existing Whyd community will now be able to crowdsource the service and continue its development under the direction of Whyd’s head engineer Adrien Joly, while Whyd will continue to pay for the server infrastructure.

Originally launched in November 2012, Whyd offers music bookmarking functionality that lets users curate music tracks from YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Dailymotion and various MP3 blogs, and connect with likeminded music lovers.

Users install the Whyd bookmark to their browser to begin adding tracks from various online sources for later playback. The real value of Openwhyd is that it enables music lovers to find and play very specific versions of songs that they love, and are not available on major music platforms such as Spotify or iTunes – like rare remixes, DJ sets, bootlegs and epic live performances.

Initially the development team will be restricted to a group of the most loyal Whyd users, but will soon open to all users that wish to participate in future implementation. If a contribution is not compatible to Openwhyd’s values, its author will still be able to work with the source code and craft their own Openwhyd.

Motivated developers that are willing to get involved are invited to fill out this form: https://openwhyd.typeform.com/to/cEur7Q

“Our community is very passionate about music and we are committed to fully supporting them with Openwhyd going forward. We are excited to see what we can all create together,” stated Gilles Poupardin, co-founder of Whyd. “After years of listening to our community and what they really wanted, we are now moving forward to bring the world’s best home speaker to market,” stated Jie Meng-Gerard, co-founder of Whyd.

The new Whyd speaker will blend a premium design with ultra high-end audio and intelligent voice control to provide the greatest possible music experience at home. It will be open for pre-orders very soon. Music lovers can get early information about the new smart speaker and obtain a $50 pre-order discount code at home.whyd.com.

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