Will Embracing VR Help Streaming Services Move Forward?

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A few days ago, streaming service Rhapsody announced it was launching a VR app, with the initial content consisting mostly of performances shot at SXSW. The quality of the performances is fairly solid, and while the requirement that all videos be downloaded before being played means that live-streaming shows in the app is still not possible, it’s certainly a pleasant diversion and value add to be able to watch some shows and see what new artists might be like live. But while this venture feels like a fun experiment, it also leads to much bigger questions — namely, is embracing VR the future of music streaming services?

And if services get into the VR game, what does that mean for artists who planned on building and monetizing their own VR content? Can streaming help bring VR to the masses, just like it brought, well, streaming to the masses?

Source: Medium

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