Making Sense of Big Data: A View from the Music Streaming Business

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Programmatic advertising relies on real-time bidding for inventory in order to secure the best price whereas brand campaigns require the human touch of copy, design and dedicated creativity to make a campaign work around a specific publisher.

Neither is perfect. Programmatic can handle huge volumes assuming the conditions are right and there is both the supply and the demand, however, they tend to be of lower value. On the other hand, campaigns requiring human time and effort clearly cost more and require more planning, but result in a more immersive experience and therefore commands a higher value and can better address a specific marketing need. The same is true in music streaming, there’s a huge volume of content out there but it only holds value if it’s managed around a person’s actual likes and dislikes. If not, it’s just a mass of content waiting to be solved. The two approaches of algorithmic recommendations and human curation applied in music today is paralleled perfectly by programmatic and bespoke advertising.

So, what does this mean for marketers?

Source: The Drum

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