The Record Exec, His Massive Record Collection and a Future Where Records Won’t Matter

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Steve Kane’s 1956 Seeburg Select-O-Matic jukebox clicks, whirs, then delivers a blast of music. The opening riffs of Picture My Face, the explosive 1978 single from first-wave Toronto punk band Teenage Head, flood Mr. Kane’s basement from a seven-inch single. “I’d have to say I’m buying more vinyl than I am CDs,” says the president of Warner Music Canada. “Analog, I still buy. Digital I access.”

This is made evident by the sheer number of ad hoc vinyl storage units piled around the back room of Mr. Kane’s basement. The wall full of sliding shelves containing thousands of plastic CD jewel cases has seen a lot less traffic since Mr. Kane started streaming music online, but he didn’t anticipate vinyl’s cultural comeback when he built his basement music palace a decade ago. The vinyl collection that once spanned a 7.5-metre-long shelf running the length of the room has overflowed into spare shelves and boxes that spill out into the hallway.

Source: The Globe and Mail

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