Zach Rogue On Why The Streaming Music Ship Has Sailed

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So much music, so little time. How can any band cut through all the noise these days?

Stay true to your roots, be who you are between the grooves, and take hands-on control of how your sound comes across to your audience, no matter what format they use to access and listen to what you do. That’s the manifesto the indie-synth Bay Area band Rogue Wave followed for its sixth studio album, Delusions of Grand Fur, out now in various formats via Easy Sound.

“We’re stuck in this netherworld where we’re too indie for pop and too pop for indie, so it’s sometimes hard for our band to get to where we want to be in a mass audience sense,” Rogue Wave vocalist/guitarist/sometimes pianist Zach Rogue admitted to Digital Trends. “Sometimes we feel like we’re orphans in terms of where we reside in this business, but you know what? We have an endless supply of the desire to create songs and continue to explore what we can do with recorded music.”

Source: Digital Trends

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