Artekal Music All Reggae Streaming Service Launches

Reggae music has a new dedicated streaming home as the Artekal Music streaming service launches to support reggae music creatives and fans. Artekal is also announcing the launch of it’s reggae Grammy explorer just in time for the upcoming Grammy awards. Artekal music joins the music streaming fray with a focus on the reggae music […]

Issue #320: Your Favorite Playlists Are Making Stars, Hits Out Of Streams; Is Audiophile Music Listening Doomed?

Your Favorite Playlists Are Making Stars and Hits Out Of Streams — www.digitaltrends.com Digital Trends spoke to major players in the music industry to find out how Apple Music and Spotify playlists are making stars and hits. Is Audiophile Music Listening Doomed or Can High-Quality Music Save the Day? — audiophilereview.com Doug Henderson looks at […]

Issue #316: The Data-Driven Future of Media, Entertainment; Spotify Shows Drive to Win Nashville’s Support

The Data-Driven Future of Media and Entertainment — towardsdatascience.com After a decade long struggle, the music ecosystem seems to have gotten over the shock of technology disruption and is now actively embracing technological advances. With the rise of mobile, streaming, social media, and connected devices, musicians have never been closer to their audience. With Open […]