Issue #236: The Agony and Ecstasy of Building an Online Music Business; Where Is the VR Music Revolution That Was Promised?

The Agony and Ecstasy of Building an Online Music Business — www.vulture.com The music industry is booming for the first time in nearly two decades, entirely because of streaming. In 2016 the music industry’s revenues hit $115.7 billion and are projected to keep rising, in large part because of the 100 million people globally paying […]

Fighting For Your Ears

Last week Spotify revealed it’s going to promote podcasts on its streaming service, providing yet another example of the fierce competition underway for your ears. Indeed, between music services, audiobooks, and podcasts, the fight for listening time is only heating up. When Apple’s multimedia player, iTunes, was released in 2001, competition across these different types […]

Issue #220: The Power of Playlisting; PledgeMusic Launches Amplify; Deezer Heading to Google Home

The Power of Playlisting — www.thembj.org Before the era of streaming services, Internet radio, and digital downloads, it was essential for artists to utilize a label’s resources in order to mass distribute music. PledgeMusic Launches Amplify, A New Artist Development Platform — www.hypebot.com PledgeMusic has launched a new artist development program dubbed Amplify. It is […]

Issue #217: Amazon Music Rolling Out Activities For Alexa Users; Sirius XM To Broadcast Phish Baker’s Dozen Finale Live From The Garden

Amazon Music Rolling Out Activities For Alexa Users — www.billboard.com Amazon Music today announced it is officially rolling out “activities” via Alexa, it’s smart speaker system which will be made exclusively available to the service’s Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited listeners. Inside the Music Publishing World's Epic Struggle to Build a Single Song Database […]

Issue #216: Blockchain Can Make Soundcloud a Revolutionary Music Label; Why Spotify Lowered the Volume of Songs

Blockchain can make Soundcloud a Revolutionary Music Label — medium.com The world is full of extraordinary songs by artists with no fans, labels or money behind them. These songs go nowhere because exposure to audiences is carefully controlled by companies who seek to… Why Spotify Lowered the Volume of Songs and Ended Hegemonic Loudness — […]

Issue #211: Hi-Res Audio: New Standard Or Cash Grab?; The Chinese Music Business is Set to Explode

Hi-Res Audio: New Standard Or Cash Grab? — blog.dataart.com As a growing number of streaming platforms offer higher quality audio options for an additional cost, a question arises: How many consumers are truly willing to pay more for hi-res audio files? Sweet streams: How concert video is democratising the live biz — www.iq-mag.net Leading execs […]

Issue #205: SiriusXM Becomes Music’s New Best Frenemy; Despacito Breaks Global Streaming Record

SiriusXM Becomes Music's New Best Frenemy Amid Pandora Investment & Capitol Hill Debates — www.billboard.com With Congress set to address pre-1972 copyright laws, labels are lining up against the satellite radio service — with the two sides preparing to battle over millions. Judge Rejects Lawsuits Over Internet Music Prices — fortune.com It’s an 11-year-old suit […]

Issue #199: 5 Streaming Trends to Watch This Summer; JQBX Lets You Stream Music with Friends; Big Hits Are Now 2 Billion Streams

5 Streaming Trends to watch this Summer — blog.midem.com The evolution of the streaming music industry raises important questions about ownership and revenue. Discover 5 trends to watch this summer! SoundCloud matters because artists and labels depend on discovery — cdm.link Criticize SoundCloud’s enormous growth if you like – but that growth built an audience, […]