Issue #378: Playlist Culture & Our Attention Spans; Spotify Isn’t Killing The Music Industry

The Music Industry's Playlist Culture And Our Attention Spans — blog.reverbnation.com In addition to delivering big profits to labels and publishers, playlists are helping new and unknown artists succeed in some profound ways. Spotify Isn't Killing The Music Industry; It's A Tool For Enterprising Indie Artists — www.forbes.com For music artists coming of age at […]

Issue #377: Tencent Streams Beatles Albums on Path to IPO; How Much Do Spotify, Labels Need Each Other? Reliance to Merge Jio Music with Saavn

Tencent Music Streams Beatles Albums on Path to IPO — www.scmp.com Tencent Music last year signed a distribution and licensing agreement with Universal Music, including to build Abbey Road Studios China. Users of Tencent Music and three of its platforms, QQ Music, KuGou and Kuwo, are able to listen to selected songs from 28 Beatles […]

Issue #370: Spotify: The Rise of the Contextual Playlist; Facebook is Bringing Music Back Into Social Networking

Spotify: The Rise of the Contextual Playlist — blog.chartmetric.io In the future will playlists be more content-based or context-based? Facebook has music deals with every major record label now. Why? — qz.com It was a music lover’s utopia for a while—an online ecosystem hinged on the love of songs, on the giddy joy of discovering […]