Who Still Steals Music These Days?

Despite music being everywhere online these days and available to anybody who wants to listen to their favorite tunes while still supporting the artists in one way or another, millions of people are still stealing music. It’s a sad fact, but who is actually committing these crimes and robbing musicians of the sales and royalties […]

Issue #224: Revolutionizing Digital Music Through Blockchain; What Exactly Is Stream-Ripping?; The Streaming Services We’ve Lost

Revolutionizing Digital Music Through Blockchain — www.huffingtonpost.com In the old days, kids who wanted the newest albums had to get on a bike and ride to the record store to find them. These Are The Streaming Music Services The World Has Already Lost — www.forbes.com Streaming music is an incredibly difficult business to be in, […]

Lefsetz on Stream Ripping

The CD killed home taping. Did you really want to spend all that time making an inferior copy when the original sounded so much better? Of course not. Never mind that CDs were vastly overpriced, didn’t compensate creators for said increase and singles were cut from the catalog, forcing you to buy a whole album […]