SoundCloud’s New Fee Could Be Transformative

Undercutting rival Spotify and others in the industry, SoundCloud is offering consumers music for $4.99 a month. This price is 50% lower than what Spotify offers, according to Bloomberg News. Yet with both SoundCloud and Spotify being in the red, some are insisting that the lower $4.99 charge could be key for SoundCloud and Spotify […]

YouTube’s Safe Harbor

Moving forward, the problem for YouTube is one of size. Its page views and unique users make it the second highest ranked website in the world after Google. It surpasses Facebook. In this context, the music recording and publishing industries are no longer prepared to stay on the sidelines and just gratefully acknowledge YouTube’s role […]

Pandora is Getting Into the Terrible Business of Competing with Spotify

On-demand music streaming is a terrible business to be in. It’s crowded and unprofitable. But that’s not stopping Pandora.The world’s largest internet radio service on Tuesday unveiled its latest offering: a Spotify-like on-demand product called Pandora Premium. It looks a lot like Rdio, the little-used but beloved streaming service that Pandora bought (for key assets) […]

Is the Album a Dead Format for Music?

The larger question is: are albums necessary anymore? If fans are consuming music on streaming services and mostly listening to playlists, does it even make sense to release full albums and build campaigns around their release, instead of simply releasing tracks as they are finished and running on-going campaigns to break artists? Source: Inc.com

Lefsetz: Lyor Goes To YouTube

Expecting Lyor Cohen to make peace with labels is like believing Roger Waters will get back together with David Gilmour for a concert in support of Israeli statehood. This shows how out of touch YouTube is, I hope the ink isn’t dry. As for Lyor himself…KUDOS! He crawled from the wreckage into a brand new […]

Is Spotify Buying SoundCloud?

Another day, another industry-rattling potential buyout for the streaming music vertical. According to a report posted on the Financial Times website, Spotify is currently in talks to buy SoundCloud. While nothing has been confirmed by either company at this point, the mere prospect of such a combination of powerhouses is exciting, and the idea isn’t […]