Issue #396: Warner Classics, IDAGIO Set Streaming Partnership; Blockchain? More Like Rockchain; 10 of the Best Music Podcasts

Warner Classics and IDAGIO Embark on Streaming Partnership — platformandstream.wordpress.com Warner Classics has launched a new collaboration with IDAGIO​, in a partnership that will see the specialist classical music streaming service make the entire Warner Classics and Erato catalogue available to its users. Blockchain? More like rockchain — adage.com Music was the first industry the […]

Soundeon Announces Alpha Version Launch

Soundeon, a decentralized and vertically integrated blockchain music platform, has made the leap and is launching its alpha version – the Music Token Sale layer along with “Talent Unleashed” contest. As proof of concept, Soundeon kicked off the launch with the “Talent Unleashed” contest that will encourage artists to hold their own Music Token Sale™ […]

Issue #265: Streaming May Predict Next Country Stars; Americans Set Record By Streaming 8.3 Billion Songs In One Week

Why Streaming May Predict the Next Country Stars — www.rollingstone.com How streaming platforms like Spotify and Pandora are helping predict the next generation of country stars. Sonos’s Secret Weapon In The Smart Speaker Wars: Becoming A Platform — www.fastcompany.com As tech titans release familiar-looking smart speakers, Sonos is hoping to set itself apart by opening […]

Issue #225: How Spotify Playlists Create Hits; Electric Jukebox Debuts New Music Service; Can Hi-Res Music Hit the Right Note?

How Spotify Playlists Create Hits — www.rollingstone.com Read how Spotify’s playlists are influencing the pop ecosystem by creating hits and breaking new artists. Electric Jukebox launches new music service for all the family — www.completemusicupdate.com The founder of MusicStation, Rara and Electric Jukebox has another new digital music service for you all. Tuning Up: Tackling […]

Issue #224: Revolutionizing Digital Music Through Blockchain; What Exactly Is Stream-Ripping?; The Streaming Services We’ve Lost

Revolutionizing Digital Music Through Blockchain — www.huffingtonpost.com In the old days, kids who wanted the newest albums had to get on a bike and ride to the record store to find them. These Are The Streaming Music Services The World Has Already Lost — www.forbes.com Streaming music is an incredibly difficult business to be in, […]

Issue #222: Might Disney Add Music To Its New Streaming Service?; SoundCloud Accepts $170 Million Rescue

Might Disney Add Music To Its New Streaming Service? — www.billboard.com Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger rocked the entertainment world – and Netflix’s stock – this week when he announced plans to launch direct-to-consumer streaming services. Might music also be added to the mix? SoundCloud Accepts $170 Million Rescue, Taps New CEO to Replace Alex […]

Issue #219: Requiem for the iPod Shuffle; Tidal Gets (Another) New CEO; 7 Blockchain Apps to Help Musicians Get Paid More Easily

Requiem for the iPod Shuffle — www.wired.com The iPod is officially over. Here’s why Steve Jobs told me he particularly loved the iPod shuffle—and why we’re going to miss it. Who Wants a Global Solution for Music Data and Rights Management? — medium.com Establishing a global solution to solve the myriad of issues resulting from […]

Issue #218: How Mood Music Is Changing Streaming; Neil Young Announces Interactive Online Archive; Spotify is Coming to the Xbox One

How Mood Music Is Changing Streaming — www.billboard.com The music business essentially spent the last decade trying to make a business out of letting consumers listen to any song they wanted. Neil Young Announces Massive, Interactive Online Archive — pitchfork.com Featuring all his music—released and unreleased—and a tie-in to his new streaming service “Xstream Music” […]