Weekly Playlist | New Adventures In Spotify Volume 13 (Tom Petty Special Edition)

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Other people much more eloquent than I have already begun using their skills to write about the life and musical legacy of Tom Petty. All I can write is that I’m sad. One of my favorites has passed. Being here in Gainesville, FL adds an extra dose of dejection because this was his hometown – where it all started. The spirit of Tom Petty is strong all over the globe, but really, really strong here in Gainesville.

Today’s playlist is all about Tom Petty, and of course The Heartbreakers. We’re all heartbroken today with the passing of a musical icon. But the music is forever. I decided to pull together some deep tracks I love from the Tom Petty’s discography. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers had tons of big hits, but there are hidden gems across his entire career that demand enjoying along with the classics.

Here is Volume 13 – for Tom.

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