Songtradr Expands Footprint into UK with Milamber Ventures PLC Partnership

 Songtradr announced today a long-term partnership with Milamber Ventures PLC to establish essential business development and territorial expansion of Songtradr in the UK. This partnership with Milamber Ventures PLC expands Songtradr’s presence to a key market where commercial music licensing is a highly fragmented industry for European based brands, filmmakers and advertising agencies. The focus will be on sales, marketing and content acquisition.

“Songtradr has been experiencing rapid growth with our disruptive licensing model, and we have looked for the most strategic of partnerships globally to help support us across European territories,” said Paul Wiltshire, founder and CEO of Songtradr. “Milamber Ventures PLC has deep insight in music and media business growth, and that’s a strong proof point towards successful prowess in the business and usage of music, and of rights ownership.”

This expansion into the UK follows Songtradr’s recently doubled growth into more than 150 countries and over 75,000 artists, songwriters and catalogs. The platform provides music buyers in the advertising, TV and film industries with unprecedented access to commercial music from all over the globe.

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